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11u Team USA CFL Tournament Champions

2019 NF AAU Super Regional 11u Champions

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  1. May 1st is the cut off for all age groups.
  2. All teams participating must have a team book that has a copy of their team insurance and copies of each players birth certificates
  3. Game time is start time
  4. Time Limit:  (9u-12u) 1:45  (13u-14u) 1:50.  Championship game has no time limit
  5. Teams can bat the whole lineup in any game if they choose too do so
  6. Bat Restrictions: (9u-12u)  AAU has no bat restrictions  (13u-14u) BBCOR or Wooden bats only
  7. Run Rule: (9u-12u)  15 after 3, 10 after 4 & 8 after 5 (13u-14u)  15 after 4, 10 after 5 & 8 after 6
  8. Pitching:  (9u-12u) 7 innings per pitcher for the weekend (13u-14u)  8 innings per pitcher for the weekend.  1 pitch constitutes as 1 inning.
  9. Home team in the seeding games is decided by a coin flip on Saturday.  Home team is the official book.
  10. Ejections:  Player or Coach ejection sits out of current game and the following game
  11. Speed up rule:  Last batted out or a substitute player may run for the pitcher or catcher at any time
  12. All other rules follow the 2019 AAU official rule book

2018/2019 AAU Official Rule Book